Vinyl: LP - 12 inch & 7 inch assortment, regular, coloured and limited wax

Length Of Time ‎– Approach To The New World - LP & Limited T Shirt bundle
Ready for Pre-order; shipment on April 26th 2019 or before.

For the re-release of Length Of Time's first full length record "Approach To The New World" on Limited wax, we offer you a matching limited t-shirt. Only 100 made! Bundled with the Die Hard LP version.
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Length Of Time - Shame To This Weakness Modern World - Limited T Shirt & LP bundle
GSR is honoured to re-release Length Of Time's second record "Shame To This Weakness Modern World" on Limited White wax, with a new lay out. 'Shame To This Weakness Modern World' is Length Of Time's most aggressive and hardest album.
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Ironed Out - In These Ends - LP
Ironed Out's "In These Ends" is the ultimate mix of the best in today's London Hardcore. Featuring members of Knuckledust, Crippler, Proven, 50 Caliber, Bun Dem Out, Life Betrays Us and Honour Among Thieves.
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Arkangel - Dead Man Walking - LP
Arkangel's debut full length "Dead Man Walking" brings heavy, fast paced and dynamic late nineties metalcore.
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Last Hope - Chain Reaction - LP
Chain Reaction is hardcore through and through, made for the kids, by the kids, with purpose, passion and relentless intent.
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