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Various Artists - GSR Music Sampler #1 - Givin' Up Was Never An Option - CD
This is the first label sampler from GSR and features 24 exhilarating tracks of Hardcore / Punk / Metal. From the Hardcore tank sounds of heavyweights such as Born From Pain, Knuckledust, Redline, No Turning Back and Daredevil to the anthemic sing along punk styling of bands such as Second Chance, Murderer's Row, NAOP and Right Direction, this is a supremely diverse label sampler which has quality running throughout.
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Various Artists - GSR Music sampler #3 - Life Is Pain, But We're Still Here. - CD
"Life is pain, but we're still here" is the 3rd and latest installment of label samplers from GSR Music that showcases the label's roster of crushing bands and gives the chance for some new bands that aren't on the label to be heard.
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Zero Mentality - In Fear Of Forever - CD
Innovative and yet traditional HC which lacerates the listener with its catchy hooks, melodic breaks and devastatingly crushing breakdowns which will make you listen again and again. 
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