The GSR story

GSR Entertainment, a.k.a. GSR Music was founded in 2000. With the almighty MOC hardcore heroes Born From Pain, and their first releases "Immortality", "Reclaiming the Crown" and "Sands Of Time", GSR’s renowned name was quickly established. 
Over the years about a 100 releases saw daylight through GSR. Names such as Kickback, Backfire!, Arkangel and Madball had one or more albums and or ep's out via GSR. Longest member of the GSR family with six albums, is London's finest Knuckledust.
In a time where the world of music is changing fast and furious, GSR's activities moved a bit more towards the merchandise production and sales, as well as some limited vinyl releases. But no matter what; we're still doing what we love to do!

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